How to add your Masternode


Adding your masternode to Dash Nexus with DMT is super easy

  1. Start by going to your profile page on Nexus Add masternode from profile page

To verify MN ownership

  1. Start by opening DMT and unlocking your hardware wallet to initialize the application
  2. Go to the sign message page and sign the message verifiying your node and then copy it back into Nexus

To add your voting key

DMT Voting Key

  1. In Nexus, click "Add voting key"
  2. Enter the password you want to use to encrypt your voting keys
  3. This is different than your account passworsd
  4. Select the masternode you want to get the voting key for
  5. Look for the "Voting private key" and click the 'eye' icon to view the text in the hidden field
  6. Copy that key and paste it into Nexus